On this week's episode of Level Up Radio, Ciara introduces a new segment entitled #BTJ (Behind the Jam) where she shares stories from her personal music catalogue. She also revealed a memory from her wedding to husband Russell Wilson where the iconic band, Earth, Wind & Fire performed. 

The Taylor Swift hate train has been choo chooing for a while now, but it seems like every time we let T. Swizzle live, she does something that makes us all shake our head in unison.   For some reason, unbeknownst to most people with soul, Swift decided to remake Earth, Wind & Fire‘s classic […]


The music world is reeling with the news that Earth, Wind & Fire founder Maurice White has died at the age of 74.

The music world is reeling with the news that Earth, Wind & Fire founder Maurice White has died at the age of 74. White, who served as both a singer and songwriter for the legendary band, leaves behind one of the richest musical legacies of all time. White, a native of Memphis, Tenn., got his […]

After a long battle with Parkinson's disease, Earth, Wind & Fire founding member Maurice White has died.

The Recording Academy is trying really hard to right its wrongs of the past at this year's Grammy Awards.

We’re suckers for great packaging and design here so when we first heard about Earth, Wind & Fire designing some headphones in conjunction with Monster, we were psyched. STORY: Monster’s Noel Lee See’s Fashionable Headphones In Your Future We’ve been waiting on these joints since the beginning of Fashion Week when Monster Chairman Noel Lee announced […]


Ciara and Lala have contributed an encouraging video to the It Gets Better project created by sex columnist Dan Savage to provide support to the gay youth community.  Savage created the project earlier this month after the suicide of Billy Lucas, a gay teenager who killed himself because of bullying he faced at school. Dan […]


For a second straight night protesters took it to the streets after a bicycle officer’s fatal shooting of a drunken day laborer with a knife. Demonstrators spilled into the streets Tuesday night, some to pray and light candles and others to pelt a police station near downtown Los Angeles with eggs, rocks and bottles. Guatemalan immigrant […]