Earlier today, Kanye West was recognized by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for his impact in hip-hop, music, and art overall, earning himself an honorary doctorate degree. The “All Day” rapper and super-producer was given the degree from the college, where he followed it up with a full-length speech that was nothing […]

Amid outcry from the state police union, a New Jersey university has decided to cancel a commencement speech from rapper Common over a song he wrote a fifteen years ago in honor of Black activist Assata Shakur. Kean University students expressed interest in hearing Common speak at graduation in large part due to his powerful and emotional […]


Seniors gearing up for graduation at Howard University can breathe a little easier now; the Mecca is implementing a new practice that will surely lower some of those Sallie Mae student loans. Starting next year, the university will cover 50 percent of a student’s final semester if they graduate early or on time. Now there’s […]

UPDATE 11:43 AM EST: We are sad to report that Lynzee Ford passed away on Thursday night. According to ESPN, she lost her battle with cancer just days after her inspirational graduation ceremony. As we reported earlier, she was just 17 years old and was determined to earn her diploma after being told she only […]

According to the United Nations human rights team in Iraq, at least 1,075 people, the vast majority of them civilians, have been killed in the country during the month of June, as a Sunni insurgency overtakes key areas of the country. There were at least 757 civilians killed and 599 injured in Nineveh, Diyala and Salah […]

Congrats are in order! A woman from Compton, Calif. is proving that anything is possible after she graduated from UCLA with three degrees while caring for three children by herself. According to CBS Los Angeles, 28-year-old Deanna Jordan received praise from her peers and the administration during her graduation ceremony. Jordan had her children between the ages of […]

Talk about excellence. A 10-year-old California native has become one of the youngest people to ever graduate high school. Tanishq Abraham received his diploma on Sunday in a private ceremony at the Sacramento California Auto Museum. The home-schooled genius achieved a 4.0 GPA, while successfully meeting the state’s requirements to graduate. “It wasn’t, like, easy, but it […]

A Florida resident is joining the graduating class of 2014; 71 years after missing his chance to receive his high school diploma. According to WFTV, 90-year-old Jack Koolik achieved his dream of completing his high school education after dropping out to fight in World War II in 1942. With the help of his daughter, Koolik joined a special program […]

The Notorious B.I.G. is in heaven right now smiling down on his family. His son – Christopher Jr, aka Cee Jay – has graduated high school. Faith Evans, Cee Jay’s mother, took to Instagram to show off her baby boy on his big day as he said goodbye to St. Monica Catholic High School in California. She was every bit the […]

It’s almost been a year since one of Trayvon Martin’s best friends, Rachel Jeantel, took the stand to tell his side of the story regarding the fateful night his life was taken by George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who was later found not guilty in the 2012 killing of the 17-year-old. Despite having to deal […]

In an interview with CBS’ Face The Nation, Chief of Staff Denis R. McDonough says that President Obama is “madder than hell” about forged reports by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The reports are made up of waiting lists that have proven to be longer than what they appear to be. Many veterans have been refused […]

Homie, this shit is basic. Welcome to graduation. You knew better than to schedule all of those morning classes, but somehow you managed to make it through four years of dragging yourself out of bed and into a desk–even if you did rush out of the house in the same sweats you slept in the night […]