Summer is just about over and for most Americans, school is either in session or just around the corner. Mostly, this is exciting news – first day jitters, that crush you’ve been waiting to see again, and if you’re in college it means late nights, crazy weekends, and nonstop unadulterated fun. But then there’s the […]

Now this is disturbing. A video of three 15-year-old boys brutally beating and kicking a 13-year-old on July 9 has come to light, as authorities try to determine if the bus driver who refused to physically intervene should be charged with negligence. But John Moody, a 64-year-old who has been driving school buses for 20 […]

The guys that brought you the adorable Cheerios commercial reaction video are back! Remember this fed up student who couldn’t take being handed class packets anymore and confronted his teacher about it?  Well, a group of high school students have now also seen him and are voicing their opinions on they think about the whole […]

A 15-year-old who wanted to play a harmless high school prank on classmates and faculty failed miserably when three people had to be rushed to the hospital. The student spiked marinara in the cafeteria with so much “Da Bomb” hot sauce, that the fumes caused wheezing, shortness of breath and even skin rashes. Better luck […]

I hope you have your tissues ready. Balaal Hollings, an honor roll student and senior class president, was breaking up a fight at a party in April when he was shot in the head. Classmates at his Michigan high school weren’t sure he would make it. And though he did, his injuries prevented him from […]

I’m blaming society for this one. One hundred students from a Brooklyn-area school were thrown off an Airtran flight after they refused to turn off their cell phones and sit their asses down. Which means two things: 1. These kids have no manners/can’t follow rules. 2. A cell phone is more important than their safety. […]

A teen from Oregon was charged with attempted murder this past week after he planned an attempt to bomb his high school. Grant Acord, 17 years old, has been sent to a juvenile jail after it was discovered by the police that he was making a bomb and plotting to blow up his school, West Albany […]

In Florida’s Duval County, a 14-year-old student mercilessly beat another student so bad, she left her skull fractured. But when a judge tried to ban the girl from all county schools, deeming her a “threat to all students,” the Duval County Public School District stepped in. The School District in Florida says Circuit Court Judge Henry […]

It’s never easy to get away with talking back to your teacher, but one Texas student just couldn’t resist trying. A Youtube video of Jeff Bliss, a sophomore student from Duncanville High, showed the student going off on his history teacher who he believes to be lazy with her teaching skills. As he was asked […]

Jeff was sitting in class in Duncanville High School in Duncanville, Texas, trying to get his learn on when his teacher passed out a packet of mindless paperwork…again. But Jeff, who is clearly concerned about the future of this country, had to tell her why he was mad; teaching isn’t just about getting paid!  You […]

Two students were caught studying anatomy in a Florida high school library…but they weren’t looking at books. PHOTOS: WTF!? Double Amputee Shoots Wal-Mart Worker & Flees On Motorized Cart!  A 17-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl reportedly engaged in a sex act that took place in the school’s library last week. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, […]

A 16-year-old student at a public high school in Pittsburgh has accused a teacher of forcing her to perform lap dances for male students in his computer technology class. And that’s not all! According to CBS Pittsburgh, the Perry Traditional Academy student says the teacher, Michael White, also kissed her on the lips in a […]