Marc Jacobs

After mastering a merry-go-round fashion show last season, Louis Vuitton closes Paris Fashion Week in a style travel extravaganza, showing on a train car dating back to the early 19th century. BREAKING: Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2012 Line STOLEN!  This morning, Louis Vuitton’s creative director Marc Jacobs literally pulled off a grand spectacle show at the Cour […]

If you follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed that we got the chance to check out the Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 runway show Monday night. The show itself was amazing. Set in a winter wonderland type of backdrop, the stage was winding and all white, which made the clothing pop so much more. […]

Muscle Man Mark is back and in full effect, but this time he is designing shirts featuring his good ol’ pals over at South Park. In his newest t-shirt launch Marc Jacobs has South Park‘s Cartman going balls out for melanoma awareness. PHOTOS: Marc Jacobs Made An Appearance On South Park…As A Doll As a […]

We absolutely love these photos of New Yorker and tattooed Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs in St. Barts with his ex-flame Lorenzo Martone. Don’t they look great together? STORY: Marc Jacobs Denies Dior Rumors! The two former lovebirds joined a host of celebs who are also on the Caribbean island for the holidays, while the […]

Word of mouth was traveling quick with allegations that famed fashion designer Marc Jacobs was jumping the Louis Vuitton train to head off to Dior. In his latest, and very candid, interview with Vogue, Marc addresses the rumors that he had intentions of leaving his position at Vuitton.  STORY: What’s Up With These Marc Jacobs Holiday Videos? […]

Beaver bomber jacket! Say that a few times and try not to laugh. Serial kilt wearer and crime victim Marc Jacobs has released two holiday themed commercials and they’re both weird. The video above is for the LV creative director’s beaver bomber jacket, which is kinda funny considering Jacobs is gay and was dressed up as a […]

While the mysterious case of Marc Jacobs’ stolen collection isn’t as serious as the fashion world initially suspected, the results of the fashion heist is still unnerving Jacobs’ peeps. So much so, that Marc sent out a tweet offering a reward for anyone who can locate his collection. STORY: BREAKING: Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2012 Line STOLEN! […]

Looking for Marc Jacobs 2012 Summer/ Spring collection? Well, join the fashion masses because the designer’s entire collection has gone missing! STORY: Marc Jacobs Made An Appearance On South Park…As A Doll An email was sent out earlier today that left the entire fashion industry with jaws agape. The email alerted them that the entire […]

South Park is known for poking satirical fun at prominent, (or should we say infamous?) members of modern day entertainment in their entertainingly crude, and extremely hilarious manner. In the past, the show’s not-so-nice portrayal of some celebrities has ruffled some feathers, but designer Marc Jacobs is an exception. The Louis Vuitton designer was so […]

Although Marc Jacobs is no stranger to controversy, this time around we’re siding with him.  His most recent advertisement for his Oh, Lola! perfume stars the lovely and demure Dakota Fanning, but it’s now been banned in the UK.  PHOTOS: Dakota Fanning is Seductively Chic For Terry Richardson The British Advertising Standards Authority, which regularly cracks down […]

  We have seen famous people show up on cartoon sitcoms before. The insanely funny and often inappropriate South Park pretty much makes fun of famous people all the time. From Kanye West to Jesus, nobody is free from the scrutiny of South Park, which is wh it was so funny to see a doll with […]

For Designer Marc Jacobs, Halloween is like Christmas, and well, Christmas is kind of like Halloween for him, too. The designer, who hasn’t indulged in his over-the-top costume themed fashion holiday party for three years, let a little secret slip when he caught up with last night at WSJ. “I got cast in a […]