Michael B Jordan

Fruitvale Station is in theaters now and it’s quickly generating a lot of Oscar buzz. Star Melanie Diaz sat down with GlobalGrind to chat about how excited she was to be apart of the film. She also opened up about her on screen relationship with Michael B Jordan:  “I’m not afraid of him and he’s not afraid […]

Fruitvale Station is preparing for a limited release in New York and California this weekend. We already brought you exclusive interviews with the stars of the movie, Michael B. Jordan and Octavia Spencer, but what about the movie itself? Well, BlogXilla is here to let you know Fruitvale Station is his movie pick of the week. Check […]

The anticipation is almost over! One of the most talked about films, Fruitvale Station, comes out in theaters tomorrow. Based on the true story of Oscar Grant, the movie shines light on the events leading up to Grant’s murder and everything that occurred after it happened. On January 1, 2009, Oscar Grant was wrongfully shot at Fruitvale […]

Michael B. Jordan was chosen to play Oscar Grant before the role even existed. Who knew?! With Fruitvale Station’s highly anticipated premiere coming up on July 12th, the up and coming actor took some time to sit down with GlobalGrind and talk about how significant the film has been for him. At one point, Michael […]

Shhhhhhhiieeeeeeeeeeeetttttttt!!!  The Wire was just named the best television show of all time by Entertainment Weekly. First airing in 2002, the nation was captivated by the gritty HBO series that ruled the airwaves for 6 years. Some rooted for the drug dealers, others for Jimmy McNulty and his surveillance squad to capture the criminals and […]

Hollywood needs a tan.  Last night, after a day of football, beer and hot wings, I kicked back on my couch and watched the 70th Annual Golden Globes. Fifteen minutes into the red carpet presentation on NBC, I got the feeling that something was missing. Aside from Al Roker, there wasn’t a lot of color […]


Hello Again My Global Grindicas! It’s @DrewSidora! I’m just a little peeved with one of my girls right now and I feel like there’s no better way to get over anger than to WRITE. SO. Since when was it ok for women to take their child support checks and go clubbin, shopping, or spend money […]

Aziz Ansari is like the new it guy. Not only did he host the MTV Movie Awards, and Battle Diddy to see who was the most smooth, he recently revealed his mother and father on his blog titled Aziz is Bored which he writes via Tumblr.  So before I reveal to you who Aziz Ansari […]


Hiphop was always a cultural collage, a combination of elements, eclectic and innovative. Birthed on the heels of the Black Nationalist movements of the 60’s and 70’s, it too had a ‘by any means necessary’ mentality as the art form was constructed out of the scraps of inner city life. Hiphop is a collaboration of […]


In his latest youtube video rap mogul Diddy sends a message to all Ciroc competitors –  ‘Sorry for being the best.’ From the comfort of his bathtub, Diddy boasts about his brand of premium vodka, which was recently awarded the double gold medal at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Diddy, a.k.a. Ciroc Obama […]


Diddy’s got something else to celebrate now. His very popular liquor, Ciroc Vodka, has won two gold awards at the San Fransico World Spirits Competition. Diddy took to the computer cam to record his thank yous and share the news of his win. Of course there was the oblivious product push of the new Red […]


Diddy sure has started something. During a party he hosted at New York hot spot Greenhouse, Diddy stated that ‘if your not drinking Ciroc Vodka, then your drinking pee, pee.’ His statement didn’t sit well with owner of Georgi Vodka, M.J. Silver. Silver scheduled a press conference in Times Square, where he refuted Diddy’s statement […]