Mitt Romney

Taj Clayton is running to become Texas’s 30th Congressional District congressman in South Dallas and his story is all too familiar. Clayton knows about struggle and hard work. EXCLUSIVE: Why Max Skolnik Should Be Elected To D.C. Council Growing up in a small, working class community, his parents labored in a glass factory to provide […]

  Before proceeding – I asked my new friend Alston, 16, to read this post before publishing it. He told me the piece wasn’t too long – a concern of mine – and asked me to explain what politics was both in person and upfront in this post. EXCLUSIVE: Why The 2012 Election Cycle Sucks! […]

Is this at all a worthy endorsement? BLOG: White Republicans Don’t Care About Trayvon! Former President George H.W. Bush is holding a ceremony today to celebrate his endorsement of Republican presidential nominee frontrunner Mitt Romney. STORY: Victory In The Chi Town State! Mitt Romney Wins Illinois Primary Bush’s wife and former First Lady Barbara Bush […]

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has secured yet another victory in Chicago’s state of Illinois, totaling his delegates to over 521, according to a CNN projection. STORY: Winning Out Of State! Mitt Romney Snatches Puerto Rico Primary This win comes as no major surprise especially when considering Romney outspent his major adversary, Rick Santorum, 21 […]

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has snatched yet another victory; totaling his delegates to 501. STORY: What’s The Deal? Mitt Romney Is The Same As Rick Santorum According to the Associated Press, Romney secured a win in the Puerto Rico primary, winning a majority of the vote. Though Puerto Rico is not an official United States state, […]

The truth is a powerful thing. But in our politics, it’s also a pretty scarce thing… The truth? The 2012 Election Cycle is little more than a depressing exercise in what happens when all bets are off– when things like human decency and complexity take a back seat to pontification and electoral strategies, identity politics […]

Mitt Romney’s campaign is both a curse and a blessing. The former Massachusetts Governor has continued to lead the pack in the Republican nomination for President. However, too close to call victories have hampered his road to the White House. STORY: Only Down South! Mississippi & Alabama Want Interracial Marriage To Be Illegal  During last […]

This Super Tuesday is the most undecided in recent political history; the unpredictability factor of the 2012 Republican race for the presidency has been unprecedented. STORY: Too Close To Call! Super Tuesday Voters Can’t Decide It’s a close toss-up between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum and there’s no clear winner in sight. Both candidates have […]

  Today is Super Tuesday and voters in 10 states will attempt to solidify the Republican presidential race. STORY: Rising Champion!!? Mitt Romney Takes Washington Caucuses However, it looks like it’s going to be a close two man race between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum as Newt Gingrich just hopes to keep his struggling campaign alive with […]

The real housewives of the Republican Party are standing by their men as they should be, particularly Ann Romney and Karen Santorum, both of whom have been outspoken as of late when it comes to their Presidential hopeful husbands. STORY: Too Close To Call! Super Tuesday Voters Can’t Decide  Speaking on the criticism of her […]

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney may just be who republicans are going to choose as their champion, as he has grabbed another victory, this time it’s the Washington caucuses, as projected by CNN. STORY: Arizona Victory: Mitt Romney Grabs The Win!  Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who prides himself on being a caucus state campaigner, was a chief opponent of […]

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has won the Wyoming Caucus, according to a CNN projection. Yesterday, Mitt Romney won Arizona and the majority of votes in the state of Michigan. This win is certainly a boost to his campaign, which has suffered due to popularity growing over his adversary, Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. Republican […]