And here we thought the only dangers to dating online included being “Catfish’d” or meeting “Lennay Kekua.” VIDEO: It’s Finally Here! Manti Te’o Comes Clean On Katie Couric Show!  A Nevada woman is now suing the mega dating site after they failed to alert her of the dangers that come with online matching. Mary Kay […]

It’s freezing cold in the Northeast and criminals said they ain’t got the time for that! DETAILS: Say What?! Chicago Murder Rate In 2013 ALREADY Set To Be Higher Than 2012!  New NYPD statistics show that New York City has gone a full seven days without a homicide, an anomaly that has helped to pull this […]

Chicago crime year isn’t just limited to guns. Last week four people (three teens and one adult), strangled two 22-year-old males to death with intention to dismember them. DETAILS: So Sad! Six Chicago Teens Shot In One Night Following Death Of 14 And 15-Year-Old Boys The four suspects, Alisa Massaro, 18; Bethany McKee, 18; Adam Landerman, 19 […]

It’s only the second week of January and statistics provided by NBC Chicago paint a grim picture of what’s expected of Chicago’s crime rate in 2013. DETAILS: Murder Capital Of America: New Year Brings Violent First Saturday In Chicago According to Gawker: In the first six days of this year, 12 people were murdered in […]

Even in light of all the crime and bizarre homicides that have happened in New York City this year, NYPD data shows that the murder rate is on track to reach its lowest level in over half a century! DETAILS: Amazing! NYC Celebrates A Day Of No Crime  The data shows that as of this last […]

Francia Raisa is the star of ABC Family’s new show The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Yesterday Francia went rollerblading in Santa Monica and well quite frankly she is now on my radar. Her character on the show is a teen who just wants to be free. Francia give us a little bit more […]