Tracy Morgan and Ice Cube – costars in the comedy First Sunday, which hits theaters Jan. 11 – goof around Thursday on the set of MTV’s TRL in Manhattan.

Burger King lies to the hood. This is the entire commercial

Watch Tracy Morgan in a clip from First Sunday.


Terrell Owens is injured and decided he wasn’t talking to the media. That didn’t stop him from calling one particular reporter over. He claims he only wanted to talk.


In the midst of all the hype (the Pats finished the season undefeated) one writer gives you reason not to like them.

Marissa calls into your fav AI host’s radio show and talks about the infamous night and her lack of judgment.


It’s understandable that they’d be upset after losing the National Championship, but the Ohio State University’s school paper has compared the loss to 9/11.

You don’t need a multi-million dollar budget to do it either.

Why pay Microsoft more money for a wireless adapter when you can use the laptop you have now!

Back to the slammer for OJ.

This is the recap for Celebrity Apprentice episode 2. I didn’t even realize Nadia was on the show. That should tell you something.

I’m not going to miss Kevin acting on ‘One Tree Hill’.