Singer and actor Omarion turned 36 years young today and he continues to age like fine wine. Omarion has been performing since the age of five and quickly became a teen sensation with the all boy band B2K. To celebrate his birthday, here are a few of Omarion's keys to a youthful, healthy and prosperous life.

Stocks are rising as announcements of a new Covid-19 vaccine were made Monday (Nov 10) morning. Pfizer and BioNTech announced preliminary results suggesting their vaccine is more than 90 percent effective. This news could be groundbreaking for people across the world. Well, that is if people decide to take the vaccine.

Keke Palmer is trending again today for a tweet that virtually sent Twitter in an uproar. The remarks didn't seem too left field. That is, until, Twitter onlookers started to react. The actress and personality always shines on the timeline so it wasn't surprising to see her name trending this morning.

As if 2020 didn’t already start off janky, a new disease made its way into the new decade as swiftly as 2019 departed us. The Coronavirus, which began at a market in the city of Wuhan, has already killed nearly 132 people and infected 6000. But where did the deadly virus come from all of […]

Only three days into the new year and there’s already so much madness ensuing. Not only is Australia suffering from fatal bush fires, but Trump decided to basically declare a third World War after killing Iran’s General Soleimani. These issues may seem non-urgent now, but they will only grow bigger and cause other fears and […]

Every few months, there’s a new superfood that’s praised for preventing huge illnesses, like the big C. Now, scientists are saying that good ol’ Salmon s more effective at preventing breast cancer than flaxseeds. According to their research, Omega-3 fatty acids reduce tumor size by 60-70% and number by 30%. Plant-based sources can also inhibit […]

Happy Men’s Health Month! Did you know that these Male stars were vegetable loving vegans? Check it out below.