Christmas is still 4 days away but thanks to K. Michelle, LL Cool J, & more, they brought the holiday spirit to Brooklyn this weekend at the Barclays Center. The “Christmas in Brooklyn” concert was filled with performances from plenty of artists including legendary Hip-Hop duo Run DMC. Check out more of the performances here —> [The YBF] A […]

California rapper Tiny Doo is facing life in prison for rapping about crimes committed by other gang members. According to the Washington Times, Brandon Duncan has been pinned to nine felonies because of his rap lyrics. To prove their case, prosecutors are invoking Proposition 21, a law that was passed in San Diego in 2000, which states that […]

Madonna is so damn cool. Obviously, Madonna invented pop culture coolness in the late ’80s/early ’90s, but 25 years later, the middle-aged icon still has it. Madonna has befriended every rapper from Big Daddy Kane and Tupac to Kanye West and Lil Wayne, but more recently, Madonna has her eyes set on a new emcee – Chance […]

Kanye West might be known in the media as a strongly-opinionated, and sometimes over-the-top person, but really, he’s a pretty great guy. This week, the man who doesn’t typically get along with the paparazzi changed his tune a little, taking a photo with one photog since he admired his sweatshirt. Well, according to TMZ, ever […]

In 1984, Def Jam, the most famous hip-hop record label of all time, was founded in Rick Rubin’s NYU dorm room. (Russell Simmons would join forces a little while later.) The record label dropped singles from the likes of punk band Hose and rappers T La Rock & Jazzy Jay. However it wasn’t until a 16-year-old MC from Farmers, Queens sent Rubin a […]

Steve Lobel is one of the most legendary figures in the hip-hop industry. The esteemed music manager got into the scene back in the ’80s through the legendary Jam Master Jay and the rest of Run-DMC. Lobel stopped by the No Judgment Zone with Blogxilla and dished on everything from working with Eazy-E and Bone […]

Let’s have a little bit of fun. The other day I was having drink with some friends, when two of my boys started arguing about how rappers of today don’t rap about anything. This led to comments like, “If you actually listen to Young Thug” and “Those ’90s emcees weren’t really talking about anything other than […]

This is what we’ve all been waiting for. BET has finally announced the lineup for their infamous Hip-Hop Award cyphers. The awards are set to film in Atlanta this Saturday, September 20 at Atlanta’s Civic Center. Wiz Khalifa and his Taylor Gang members appear to be this year’s “it” crew, but the lineup also features newcomers […]

Many people will say that the greatest album of all time is Nas‘ Illmatic. That might be true. But Nas’ Illmatic isn’t the most important rap album of all time. Hell, it’s not even the most important album of the year it was released – 1994. That distinction belongs to Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready to Die, […]

It’s Friday, and many of us are going to go see Lucy, Hercules, or some other summer blockbuster you’ve been dying to watch. Well, movies are as much a part of hip-hop culture as break dancing, and rap itself. From Run-DMC and Russell Simmons making Krush Groove, to Wu Tang’s RZA asking Meth for his […]

Rapper Lil Wayne may not have been playing when he told us he wishes he could smash every girl in the world. Plenty of guys would agree that Wayne’s taste in women is A-1 as far as looks go, and the list of women he’s dated in the industry is quite lengthy…AND it’s only continuing, as rumors surfaced recently that […]