A 16-year-old student at a public high school in Pittsburgh has accused a teacher of forcing her to perform lap dances for male students in his computer technology class. And that’s not all! According to CBS Pittsburgh, the Perry Traditional Academy student says the teacher, Michael White, also kissed her on the lips in a […]

It wasn’t enough that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was accused of sweeping sexual assault cases under the rug. DETAILS: A Damn Shame! University Of North Carolina To Expel Rape Victim For Speaking Out!  It wasn’t enough that a rape victim was told she would be expelled if she came forth about her […]

Twitter users were fuming on Saturday after discovering shirts listed on Amazon with a slogan that appeared to blatantly promote rape and violence against women. The shirt follows the popular “Keep Calm “slogan that has countless renditions but shockingly reads “Keep Calm and Rape On.” SMH! The t-shirt was available on Amazon’s UK website but […]

A University of Montana football player who was accused of rape by a female student was found not guilty yesterday after a two-hour trial. The jury acquitted star quarterback Jordan Johnson after the student claimed he held her down and forced her into sexual relations when they had a movie date at her house. PHOTOS: RAPE […]

We gotta do better. DETAILS: Justice In India: Delhi Rape Trial Starts Today, 5 Men Face Death Penalty!   Teachers and security guards are being questioned in connection with the rape of a 7-year-old girl in New Delhi, India. A Delhi police officer could only confirm the allegations, but could not provide further details because he […]

Another day, another rape tolerance case. DETAILS: Biological Warfare? Colorado College Suggests Urinating & Vomiting Will Deter Rapists!  A sophomore at the University of North Carolina is being sent to the school’s “Honor Court” after publicly speaking out about her rape. Landen Gambill may also be expelled for being “disruptive” and “intimidating” her rapist, although she […]

Thanks to a Colorado college, we know now urinating on oneself will deter an aggressive rapist. DETAILS: RAPE IS NOT A GAME! Ohio Student Posts “How To Get Away With Rape” Fliers At School  The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs released a list of 10 tips that were billed as “last resorts” for deterring a […]

Remember the stripper who allegedly accused three Duke University lacrosse players of raping her in 2006? Well, she’s back in news headlines after murdering her boyfriend. DETAILS: BUSTED! 5 Suspects Arrested In Connection With Gang Rape In Mexico  Crystal Mangum, who was a student at North Carolina Central University during the rape allegations, has been released […]

Five out of seven suspects have been arrested in connection with the recent raping of six women who were vacationing in Mexico. DETAILS: Terrible! Mexico Gang Rapes 6 Spanish Tourist, Spares 1 Woman For Being Of Mexican Descent Fifty investigators have been dedicated to finding out who the culprits are and bringing them to justice. […]

In Argentina, a 12-year-old girl gave birth to twin boys…the same day a 9-year-old in Mexico gave birth to a baby girl. DETAILS: Jesus Be A Fence! 9-Year-Old Gives Birth In Mexico, Police Looking For Rapist  The girl, who is unnamed, became pregnant at just 11-years-old and gave birth a month after celebrating her 12th birthday. […]

Five attackers burst into a home, held a group of people at gunpoint and raped six Spanish woman at a Mexican resort in Acapulco, which is already riddled with drug and murder crimes. PHOTOS: Jesus Be A Fence! 9-Year-Old Gives Birth In Mexico, Police Looking For Rapist  The armed and masked men spared one other woman […]

In Mexico, a 9-year-old girl has given birth to a baby, authorities revealed today. DETAILS: Justice In India: Delhi Rape Trial Starts Today, 5 Men Face The Death Penalty!  The baby girl, born on Jan. 27., weighed 5.95lbs. According to the Daily Mail: The mother of the (9-year-old) girl, identified only as Dafne, told local officials: ‘The […]