trend alert

Last night, Miley Cyrus wore the T-shirt that moved the world (or something like that) that featured Tupac and Biggie with the words “please stop” hovering over their head on her backside, yes the very backside that would later take the stage in a white thong contraption.  The outfits did exactly what Miley wanted them […]

Faux leather, pleather, call it what you may, the most “in” name for the trend that’s sweeping the style blogs is vegan leather, because everyone wants to feel like they’re doing something good while looking good, right? Right. The marketing buzzword is used for faux leather products made from synthetic materials like polyurethane and PVC, and […]

At long last, father winter has sent a letter of return with the fall, and as a brisk chill bites the air, we’re already getting a taste of what this whole winter situation has in store for us. Just a few weeks ago, it was all tank tops and sandals, but now it’s time to […]

The only thing that seems to vary more than the meaning of a “traditional woman” these days is the meaning of a traditional engagement ring. While many may envision their fairytale moment to include a velvet box with a huge clear princess cut diamond ring, some of the more “non-traditional” ladies in Hollywood are opting […]

If you’ve been out of rotation in the KimYe-o-sphere, there’s only two things you’ve missed: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are engaged, and Kim seems to be so happy about it, that she can’t stop wearing white. Maybe she’s getting into the bridal spirit, or this is her angelic route towards washing away the memories of weddings […]

Who wants to live in a world where your lip color is limited to the color of your weekly manicure? The answer is Rihanna, Poppy Delevingne, Lea Seydoux, Rita Ora, and just about every model that walked the runway for Prabal Gurung this season. It may sound like something women with pearls who go by […]

I remember it like it was 2004: pink was the new black, or something to that effect. But while pink was once reserved for baby showers and shades of lipstick, this new hue is bumping emerald right out of its place as the front runner for ‘color of the season.’  Typically, cold weather wear found […]

If you ever needed an excuse to purchase a handbag (not that we do), today would be that day. Oh, you’ve never heard about this amazing holiday that allows you to celebrate those fashionable sacks that help you to literally keep your shit together? That’s because this is the first official year of the holiday. […]

The best (and worst) thing about fall, depending on who you ask, it that it ’tis the season to add additional layers to your wardrobe. With the AM temperatures starting in the low 40s and spiking to the high 70s before dipping again later in the day, it is imperative to find the level wardrobe […]

With just one look at the front row at Givenchy’s Spring Summer 2014 show this weekend, one indisputable fact: Wine stained lips are being brought up a notch this season with even darker scarlet lips. Like the red lip of yesteryears, dabbling in a lip color with a darker purple hue is an automatic up-notch to […]

Despite what the myths of Labor Day may be, as of 4:44 p.m. on September 22nd, we have finally crossed into the good ol’ realm of fall. Starbucks is fully stocked with Pumpkin Spice Lattes, apple farms are harvesting, and it’s time for you to retire those denim shorts and sun dresses, and slip into […]

When award show season officially kicks off in the early months of the year, sometimes we’re subjected to recycled looks that we’ve seen at prior events on loan to different celebs. But The Primetime Emmy Awards have a benefit that a lot of other shows don’t: They take place smack dead in the middle of Fashion Month. […]