A mentally-challenged 15-year-old girl in New York was brutally gang-raped by two boys in her classroom with her teacher standing only a few feet away. DETAILS: Not Again?! Six Arrested In Another Gang Rape Case In India According to reports the special needs student was allegedly sexually assaulted for 10 minutes as another student “hit her […]

Six suspects have been arrested by the police in India after another case of gang rape occurred just 4 weeks after a female student was gang raped on a bus. According to USA Today, policeman Raj Jeet Singh said that the victim of the new rape assault was traveling as the only passenger on a […]

After a picture was posted online of the Ohio rape victim being carried by two football player while unconscious, the internet has been going wild. The football friend of the players who posted the photo is now apologizing for his actions and stating his regret after sending out offensive and abusive tweets. VIDEO x PHOTOS: 411 […]

Remember the “legitimate rape” discussion last year? Well…it’s back. VIDEO: Legitimate Rape? Republican Congressman Says Rape Victims Have Ways To Shut That Whole Thing Down When Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) suggested that rape needed to be classified as “legitimate rape,” we shook our heads. But then when he said women who are raped can’t get pregnant, […]

An archaic clause in a state law justified that a California woman who was sexually assaulted was not technically raped because she isn’t married. BLOG: Dear 113th Congress, Try Not To Hate Women This Time Around! The court overturned the rape conviction of Julio Morales, who was accused of raping an 18-year-old woman who has not […]

Three teenagers will be charged in the kidnapping, robbery and rape of a young Philadelphia woman on Christmas Day. DETAILS: What The?! Bank Robber Falls 20 Stories To Escape Jail With Bed Sheets!  The 22-year-old victim was waiting for her boyfriend in her Jeep Cherokee when the three men, one of whom had a gun, […]

Larry Flynt, the publisher of X-rated magazine Hustler, has put up a $1 million offer to Richard Mourdock if he can prove that his anti-abortion stance in the case of rape is indeed backed by God’s intent.   STORY: Not This Again! Republican Says “God Intended” Life From Rape In a full-page ad, which is running […]

Here we go again, with yet another Republican who has uttered an offensive blunder in defense of anti-abortion rights! STORY: Solange Defends Obama & Shuts Trump Down On Twitter!  John Koser, a GOP congressional candidate running in Washington, dismissed the idea that women should be allowed to decide what to do with their bodies when “the rape thing” happens. […]

Since rape seems to be the focal point of many political conversations, you would think that legislation to help rape survivors would be on the forefront in the political arena – but it’s not.   VIDEO: Obama Jokes! My Rivalry With Trump Started When We Were “Growing Up In Kenya”  Is it just us, or […]

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin addressed the media today and announced that he will stay in the Missouri Senate race. STORY: Boo Hoo! Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin Releases Apology Ad Many were speculating that Akin was going to step down from his highly contested bid for the Senate. Akin told reporters:  “We are going to be […]

  Prosecutors have charged University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson with raping an acquaintance in February after she invited him to her room to watch a movie. STORY: He Got Warrants! NBA Baller Matt Barnes Arrested! According to the Associated Press, Johnson was charged Tuesday with having sexual intercourse without consent. Johnson previously denied the […]

A 31-year-old Long Beach, California man, identified as Jacinto Zuniga Trujillo has been charged with allegedly stabbing his stepdaughter in fear that she would reveal his sexual abuse. STORY: Horror! 9 Allegedly Raped 14 Y.O. In Minnesota  According to KTLA, the stabbing of 9-year-old Xiomara Fernandez occurred on April 28th at Los Altos Methodist Church in Long Beach. […]