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It’s Hump Day, which means it’s not yet the weekend. But to help you get over the bump in the middle of the week, just watch disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dancing to Bob Marley’s “One Love,” and try not to laugh too loud in your cubicle (or wherever you may be). And yes, this […]

Someone needed a little spiritual healing. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was spotted in a church on Sunday, dancing, singing and catching the spirit with the choir at the West Toronto Church of God. And yes, the video is hilarious. But if you don’t have time to watch…just look below: But that’s not it. We’re not […]

Rob Ford just can’t catch a break this year. Details are beginning to emerge about the months leading up to the world discovering the Toronto Mayor’s drug use. Just a month before the video of Ford using drugs was released, he allegedly lost his cellphone at a crack house. According to Talking Points Memo, Ford […]

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s bumbling ways and indiscretions have no doubt given Hollywood material for days. We’ve watched the Ford SNL spoofs, have harped on his likeness to the great and late Chris Farley, and then there’s that porn bit that we wished never happened. But on Thursday, David Letterman and friends took it a […]

As if watching disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford tumbling all over the place and bumping into stationary objects wasn’t enough, a popular porn company is offering him the chance to be even more off-putting. How about watching Ford get his sexy-time on? Yeah…we didn’t think you’d respond warmly to that. But according to TMZ, Vivid […]

This is awesome. Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford is a really controversial figure – between admitting to smoking crack, discussing oral sex with his wife, and being stripped of most of his power by the Toronto City Council, he’s lost lots of support. But that has NOT stopped fan-favorite Ron Burgundy (played by Will Ferrell, […]

Sorry, guys. The reality television show, Ford Nation, hosted by disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (aka Chris Farley reincarnated) has been canceled. But not before airing its first show, where Ford and his brother tried to convince the public he wasn’t on drugs or abusing alcohol. If you recall, drugs and alcohol are the same […]

Toronto is sooooo over Mayor Rob Ford. In the wake of the bumbling mayor’s indiscretions of smoking crack and er…oral sex…the Toronto City Council voted to strip him of even more power on Monday. At this point, Ford has lost authority to dismiss or appoint the city’s deputy mayor or any executive committee member. His […]

After denying that he ever smoked crack, finally admitting that he smoked crack, and confessing that he had purchased illegal drugs in the past year, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has finally asked for some professional help. He still, however, claims that he is not an addict. “I have admitted to using illegal drugs in the last […]

UPDATE: 11-15-13 11:20 AM EST According to NBC, the Toronto city council voted to suspend Rob Ford’s power during city emergencies, 41-2. —– As if it’s not enough to see disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford make this face during extremely awkward press conferences, he’ll now get to do this and more during his new television show. […]

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is a character. Like, he’s straight out of a Hollywood film. It’s hard to believe that this past year has been real life and now that we’ve pinpointed his likeness to that of late comedian Chris Farley, it all makes sense. He’s making a movie. I mean, how else do you […]

Toronto mayor Rob Ford might have to close the door on his political career amidst allegations that he has been caught using crack. Many critics and political personnel are urging Ford to step down after police confirmed they’ve gotten their hands on a video showing him smoking what appears to be a crack pipe. Ford […]