Did Lisa Raye get Stacey Dash fired from Single Ladies? Well Lisa Raye has responded to the rumors. Lisa is currently on vacation in Italy but once she got word of the rumors being reported by Mediatakeout she had to respond. STORY:  Who Can Fill Stacey Dash’s “Single Ladies” Shoess? The star of Single Ladies […]

With all the drama circling Single Ladies and the firing of Stacey Dash, we at GlobalGrind thought we’d do a rundown of fitting actresses that could possibly be up for the character of Valerie “Val” Stokes.  We are so sad to see Stacey leave the show as she was incredible, but whatever happened, we have to […]

  So really, how much more gorgeous and talented can one person be? Stacey Dash is a mega star, her beauty is undeniable, her charisma is over the top and her talent and humility sends our love for the actress through the roof! The rumor that Stacey has been fired from “Single Ladies” has us […]

There was drama galore last night on the season finale of the VH1 hit show Single Ladies, but there is even more drama off screen. InTouch Weekly is reporting that Stacey Dash was not asked to return to the second season of the hit VH1 show. According to sources, Stacey “feuded with the cast, cancelled […]

As we do each and every day, GlobalGrind brings you the best hip-pop celebrity photos of everything that’s happened in the past 24 hours. Ashley Tisdale celebrated her 26th birthday this weekend in Malibu and what better gift than getting a piggy back ride from Zac Efron? But wait, isn’t Vanessa Hudgens Ashley’s best friend? And aren’t […]

Stacey Dash definitely has her groove back! She is everywhere these days since she got her starring role in VH1’s ‘Single Ladies’ where she steals the show with her grace and beauty. At 45 years-old, no one looks as good as Ms. Dash does. After hitting the big screen in Clueless back in 1995, there’s […]

The beauty of Black women is hard to overlook, yet it seems some scientists haven’t done thorough research. Psychology Today blogger Satoshi Kanazawa recently posted an article entitled “Why are Black women less physically attractive than other women?” As if the title was not absurd enough, Kanazawa went on to state that the testosterone hormone is […]

The NBA has plenty of basketball wives and cute couples who look good together, but there are only a select few NBA couples who deserve the title of NBA Power Couples. Since the matrimonial union of Khloe Kardashian and LA Lakers star Lamar Odum the two have taken the title as the hottest NBA couple, […]

There’s something to be said about power.  We crave it.  We admire it.  It’s attractive, it’s sexy, and it’s inspiring.  Some people love it, some people deny the need for it and some hate on those who possess it.   Yes, there’s something to be said about power.   We all have the ability to be powerful.  […]

LeBron James.  Those two words represent a brand, an image, an expectation, an athlete.  They also represent a man, who has the God given right to make decisions for himself.  However, there are people with a lot of hurt feelings and animosity towards him simply because he made a decision for himself and his career. […]

Signs that the future are coming are right in front of our faces, some of the technology that we are witnessing is amazing. Sometimes we see so much new innovations that we don’t really appreciate what we the world is turning into, for better or for worse. In this circumstance and many other similar ones […]


Kanye West took the stage last night to perform Power and Runaway with performances unlike any other on Saturday Night Live.  Though he didn’t participate in any skits, the King Midas of Hip-Hop recreated the mini-vid for Power on a completely whited-out stage in his signature all red outfit laden with gold chains and Laurel […]