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All the rappers who spent the 90’s admiring Halle’s figure had their prayers answered in 2001 when she made big news by appearing nude twice: First in crime thriller Swordfish, then in Monster’s Ball, which won an Oscar but also caught a lot of side-eyes from the folks that initially pushed her to stardom.

The most talked-about scene in Monster’s Ball was a sex scene between Halle and Billy Bob Thornton, and the racial politics the scene evoked made it hard for some to enjoy the historic victory.

Still, that didn’t stop Fredro Starr from including Halle on his track “Perfect Bitch,” or Chino XL from joking about her 2000 car crash. And we can’t forget the fact that Sean Diddy Combs played her estranged lover in Monster’s Ball, making her scene with Billy Bob all the more painful for Hip Hop heads around the world.


Chino XL self-titled track

I Told You So


“Still floss on the daily, out of the ordinary,

Surviving drunk driving with Halle Berry”


Fredro Starr

“Perfect Bitch”



“Lips like Aaliyah, haircut like Nia

Wit a twist of Halle, body like Jennifer”

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