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Today we bring you a bunch of cool apps to make your daily lives a lot more fun. Take a look at these musical, social, fashionable apps. GLOBALGRIND’S APP OF THE DAY: What: GarageBand for iPad Made By: Apple What It Does: Now all the goods of GarageBand can be found on your iPad. It […]


Today’s GlobalGrind apps of the day let you catch all the NCAA March Madness games for free, download thousands of books, and create music from ordinary street objects on your mobile device. Check out what apps we found from around the web to share with you today. What: NCAA March Madness on Demand Made By: […]


BGR reports word from multiple trusted sources that RIM intends to take its BlackBerry Messenger outside the cozy confines of the BB ecosystem and straight into its competitors app stores. BBM is reputedly all set to make its debut as a messaging ap

If you’re a graffiti-tagging, musician-stalking parent of a newborn baby, today’s GlobalGrind favorite apps have you covered. We found an app that lets you get closer to your favorite musician, one that lets you create street art on your handheld device, and one that will put your baby to bed in no time. Check out […]

21st Century living is awesome! Our world is so simplified and tidy, everything we need to keep ourselves entertained may be found in our pockets on our mobile devices: our music, our newspapers, our obsessions with other peoples’ lives and things. Which is why we love these three new apps for music, Craiglists and notifications. […]

Need to make music, book a flight and tour our nation’s parks? Stick around, we have apps for that. What: iTrump Made by: SpoonJack. What It Does: iTrump is a cool app that allows you to play the trumpet either by touch or by blowing air into a port of your iPhone. For sanitary reasons, […]

Today in GlobalGrind Apps, we bring you a game you can play with your friends across multiple mobile and digital platforms, an application that monitors your sleep and TV app you can set your DVR with. Lets Go! What: Words With Friends Made By: Zynga What It Does: Words With Friends is a Scrabble-like game […]

Photojojo is an online store that has any kind of gear that the serious photographer in each of us may want, including camera lenses, bags, cases, filters and more.  The company has also created the iPhone Telephoto Lens that is compatible with


New York Band Atomic Tom had their equipment stolen. Luckily they aren’t an Emo band (although their hair kind of insinuates that) and they didn’t hide in a dark corner to cry away their sad predicament. It turns out the band the entire band, or atleast their friends, had iPhones in their pockets to create […]


After years of speculations, Verizon users can rest easy now that it is CONFIRMED that the iPhone 4 is indeed going to be the newest addition to ‘The Network.’ Now questions start popping up in your minds after hearing such good news, like when?! The Verizon iPhone is set to be released this Spring 2011. […]


As covering your iPhone 4 has become the standard, there is always the desire to stand out and get a unique cover. Lucky for you, Abee recently came out with the iPhone 4 Aluminium Jacket. The Japanese company has released its first case made of 100% aluminium, which is ultra thin, measuring at just 3mm. […]


For Fall, Nike is introducing a new commercial campaign known as ‘Boom.’ What is Boom? A Boom moment is a game changing play. It’s a bottom of the ninth Grand Slam. It’s  fourth quarter Pick Six. It’s a moment you want to see clearly on replay and see the muscles twitching in the athletes face […]